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National Parks and the US Government

The national parks of the United States are the source and inspiration for other national parks around the world. The United States federal government has control of national parks in US territory, local and state governments do not have much influence in their operations.

The government administrator of the National Parks is tiered under the Department of the Interior supervisor Secretary Sally Jewell, and the National Park Service administrator Director Jonathon Jarvis. Thus being unlike the national park systems in the Canada and United Kingdom, where the park services are overseen by members of the lower legislative branch.

Key Figures in the Creation of the National Parks of the US

Legislation Creating and Revising the National Parks of the US

Conservation Strategy

The American National Park System aims to preserve how the natural landscapes would look without human influence. The parks have strict rules about development, resource extraction and business expansion are not allowed on park properties, unlike in the United Kingdom or former policy in Canada.