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National Parks and the Canadian Government

The national parks of the Canada are federally operated entities based on the American national park system.

The government administrator of the National Parks is the Minister of the Environment, currently Leona Aglukkaq, Conservative MP for South West Norfolk.

Key Figures in the Creation of the National Parks of Canada

Legislation Creating and Revising the National Parks of Canada

Conservation Strategy

The national parks of Canada attempt to conserve the natural landscapes much like how the American national park system does, where the conservation of natural state is preferred. The total method of conserving that parks hasn't always been there in the form of American conservation though, resource extraction has been allowed in some national parks. Economic development for tourism money also leads to development that would not be seen in American parks either, their main original goal was to provide recreation, but more strict conservation rules were later added.
Because they were emulating the American National Park system, Canada also ran into issues pertaining to native cultures who lived on land, and took much of the same action, where they removed those people.